N. Tayfun Yalcin

Initiatiefnemer, Creatief ondernemer
Mijn expertise

Permaculture Designer

Mijn drijfveren

Designing and Creating Sustainable, Regenerative, Productive, Diverse Lifestyle

Mijn droomprojecten

Designing and Creating; Economically, Ecologically and Functionally Sustainable Eco Communities in and around Amsterdam

Designing and Creating; Drylands Regenerative Transformation with Rainwater Harvesting and Foodforests, with creating local; ecological, economical and functional sustainability and regenerative landscaping

Mijn mogelijkheden

1. Visionary input (outside of the book, new ideas based on creating a different lifestyle)

2. Professional input (Designing and Creating with Towards Nature Permaculture Landscaping company)


Relevante ervaring

Since 2014 actively designing and creating in the Netherlands. Schools, Community gardens, Foodforests, private-rainproof gardens

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