Humankind is specialized in accelerating urban change towards cities that are human and kind to ourselves, others, and our planet.

We can’t solve our current urban challenges using the same kind of thinking - and acting - we used when we created them. It is our passion to find creative ways to do things differently, creating new connections and collaborations. We work in a holistic approach with a multidisciplinary team of urban planners, creatives, transition theorists, communication specialists, social entrepreneurs, psychoanalysts, etc.

We analyze all factors that drive or slow down urban change and co-create visions and long-term plans. But more importantly, we turn visions into actions. We design places, programs, products and processes that make a real impact in the lives of people. Using instruments derived from transition management and urban planning tools such as tactical urbanism and experiments we get things done. 

At Humankind we help cities, organizations and urban change makers to tackle the most complex urban challenges, and create a better future together!

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