Mooi rapport over Participatie van Universiteit van Western England

Geplaatst op 3 januari 2020, 13:14 uur

This publication is a companion handbook to What works in assessing community
participation, which describes and analyses the way in which two assessment
frameworks for benchmarking community involvement in regeneration were road
The two frameworks are:
• COGS (2000) Active partners: Benchmarking community participation in
regeneration, Yorkshire: Yorkshire Forward.
• Burns, D. and Taylor, M. (2000) Auditing community participation: An
assessment handbook, Bristol: The Policy Press.
The aim of the process was to find out if the assessment frameworks were useful, to
assess what worked most effectively, to refine the frameworks and if possible to
amalgamate them on the basis of what we learned from the road-testing process. As
a result of our work we have produced this combined framework which can be used
as a resource for the development and assessment of community participation.

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